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Small Business Computer Services


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Services Description Page

We Provide the Following Services:

* C-Corporate Tax Returns

* S-Corporate Tax Returns

* Partnership Tax Returns

* Individual Tax Returns

* Gift and Estate Tax Returns

* Fiduciary Tax Returns

* Complete Electronic Filing Services Including:

* Electronic Filing

* Rapid Refund Services

* Direct Deposit Services

* Fast Check Services

* Bonus Check Services

* All 50 States Income Tax Returns

* Local Wage Tax Returns for Small and Major Cities

* Notary Services for the State of Pennsylvania

* Payroll Services

* W2 and 1099 Processing

* Accounts Payable Services

* Accounts Receivable Services

* Bookkeeping Services

* Student Application Forms

* And More!

We can take individual tax information over the phone. We will then send you a postage paid envelope to mail all your tax materials to us.